Production control

Keeping in mind my position in the company
and having sense of purpose makes
my job more meaningful.

Manufacturing Department /
Preparation Section
Mr. Takada

Manavis Cosmetics carries out all processes from manufacturing to shipping at its own factory in Urayasu City.
The manufacturing process is divided into four main processes:

"Weighing"-> "Preparation"-> "Filling"-> "Packaging".
The preparation section in the manufacturing department is in charge of the first two processes.

―――The preparation section of the manufacturing department, to which you belong, is in charge of both weighing and preparation, correct?

Yes. Weighing and preparing simply means "weighing" and "mixing (making)".

There is an "instruction" (like a recipe in cooking) for each product item. And the first step is to weigh the raw materials that are the basis of cosmetics according to the instruction.

―――I see.

Do you know itto-can?
One can weighs about 18 kg, and I weight it by lifting.
Of course, not everything comes in cans, and there are also solid raw materials.
There are various weighing tools such as load cells (load sensors built into the preparation equipment) and scales.
The amount we handle at one time is large. If we make a mistake of the amount in this process,
everything becomes useless, so it is important to weigh raw materials properly with a sense of "exactly".

―――And then, you mix the weighed raw materials, don’t you?

Yes, raw materials for cosmetics can be roughly divided into "oil" and "water".
"Oil-based" and "water-based" raw materials are put into each pot.
Water and oil do not get mixed together typically, so you cannot simply mix them.

―――Weighing is done by hands, and mixing is done by a machine, correct?

That's right. I'm mainly in charge of "weighing" now. It's been a year since I got transferred to this department, but I haven't learned all items yet.

―――What were you doing before?

I was in the Quality Assurance Department and I inspected finished products.
This inspection job was done one by one, and the results came out as numbers, so it was obvious whether it was good or bad.

About preparation job, we also get clear results at the inspection which is a later stage that products are completed.
So, I feel nervous but also achieved.

―――Well, it is important to get to know how your job is connected to the next step.You job must be more interesting if you are also aware of this side.

I am still learning to get more skills at this section, and I usually work while checking the instructions.
But people think that we just follow the instructions, but it’s not that easy.
For example, it is often required to modify the instructions at the prototype stage when we work on a new product.
In the situation like this, I can use my experience.
There are many hints hidden in the instructions I see all the time. That is more challenging and makes my job more interesting.

You get more interested in your job if you work with a sense of purpose day by day instead of just working simply.