Production control

"I can take a day off" is not a matter of course
I now enjoy my fulfilling job and private life

Manufacturing Department / Filling and Packaging Section
Mr. Matsunoshita

The preparation section in the manufacturing department is in charge of the first two production processes, "weighing" → "preparation" at Manavis.
And then, the filling and packaging section of the manufacturing department is in charge of the last two processes, which are "filling" → "packaging".
For the processes from preparation to filling, the cleanliness is very important and the rooms are cleaner than any other rooms.
And it is done in a closed environment to keep constant air flow and not to get air from outside by controlling air conditioning.
Especially, the filling process keeps the clean environment the most.

―――What kind of process is there in "filling and packaging"?

The first step is to place an empty container on the conveyor belt.
Then, fill the container with contents.
Place an inner lid (sealer) and close it with the lid at the end.

This is the filling work, and then we can move on to boxing (packaging).

―――All the filling work is done by machines, isn't it?

 To make good product, we need the power of machines with high accuracy and high performance.
Even so, there are delicate processes that machines cannot judge and they require human eyes to judge.
First, assembling and disassembling the filling machines.
We assemble them while checking each one with human eyes.
After the end of production, we carefully check and wash them so that there are no leftovers in the machines.
We also maintain the machines on a regular basis and manage them so that they operate normally every day.

Even during production, we need to ensure if the filling machines are working properly, if there are no problems with the products.
We always strive not to leave everything to the machines.
When we work on a new product, we also select filling lines, introduce machines, check production processes, and verify filling.

―――How long have you been engaging in this job?

About 7 years.
I was interested in making something before, so I used to work at a food manufacturer and cook to produce contents of foods.
I liked the job itself, but freshness is the most important thing for a food manufacturer.
Daily production is strictly set, and I was busy all the time.

I noticed that I was desperate to do what was in front of me at work, and I was always in a rush and careless.
I realized this was not good, so I start looking for a new job that I could work on more carefully.

Although my current job is similar to my previous job, I feel less pressured towards current production planning comparing the previous production planning in food so that I can work more carefully now.
Above all, I'm glad that I work without neglecting my feeling which is I want to make something good.

―――Do you think it is necessary that you have enough time and room in your heart?

I think so.
Manavis offers a lot of benefits.
We rarely work overtime at any sections in the manufacturing department.
We have days off on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and you can definitely take other vacations such as New Year holidays, Golden Week in May, and summer vacation.
Many people at Manavis enjoy their hobbies in their private time.
You may think it is a matter of course, but I couldn’t do it at my previous work.
Therefore, thanks to this company, I am delightful to be healthy both mentally and physically and able to spend my time in a meaningful way.

Mr. Matsunoshita says that he feels satisfied at work and fulfilled even in his private life.
We can tell that Manavis is a company that values a work-life balance (harmony between work and life) of employees.