Quality assurance

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Quality Assurance Department
Ms. Miyasaka

Before selling cosmetics, it is necessary to check whether the products satisfy the quality requirement. But our job as quality assurance department doesn’t end here.

The Quality Assurance Department manages everything from accepting raw materials and containers to making sure the quality of our products even after sales.

―――I hear that job details at the quality assurance department vary depend on the sections.

That is right.

Manavis' Quality Assurance Department is divided into three sections: Quality Assurance Section, Inspection Section, and Pharmaceutical Safety Management Section.

―――Considering the process of making a product in order, is the first step accepting raw materials and containers?

Yes. This is called an incoming inspection.We check whether correct raw materials and containers are delivered according to the standard both in writing and by looking at actual things. Next, we start the manufacturing process. But the Quality Assurance Department is also responsible to prepare the appropriate manufacturing environment, including hygiene management in the factory.

For example, we regularly do wipe detection on our production equipment to check the hygiene of the factory.Then, once products are completed, we inspect the products for each lot using various analytical instruments.In the case of quasi-drugs, it is necessary to check whether the same active ingredients are included as the application contents.

We inspect not only the ingredients but also whether the physical properties (hardness, pH, etc.) meet the standards.
In addition, sensory tests to check usage sensation are performed by hands.
Machines cannot feel sensation.
In addition, since notation contents of containers and packages are strictly defined, it is also our responsibility for the Quality Assurance Department to create the notation contents.
After launch, if there are any problems, it is also our important job to find the cause and take necessary measures based on customer's feedbacks.

―――You are doing a lot of different tasks, aren't you?

 That's right. I am going through hectic days.

―――But you look you full of vitality somehow.

I think it is because my work environment is great.
It's very cozy.
We are such a small team, so we always think how the entire department can work efficiently and accurately.
we also plan ahead how to work each day for all of us to go home on time without overtime.

We all discuss and solve it naturally when something goes wrong.
Your gender or position doesn’t matter.
So, no matter how busy I am, I hardly work overtime and it is not difficult to take days off.
It is an ideal environment where people with children can work in peace.

―――What kind of person do you think is suitable for this job?

It may be easy for people who have been involved in quality control at a factory.Having experiences and knowledges is good, but I think what is more important is ability to cooperate with others.

Also, it is suitable for those who are interested in various things and want to challenge new things, rather than focusing on only one thing. Such people can get more experienced with us teaching more skills.

The Quality Assurance Department requires a wide demand of tasks.So if you have some knowledge and experience, you can further advance your career. It looks like even working mothers who have children can apply for this position with confidence.