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Engineering department, engineering section
Ms. Kato

In order to develop a product, we start with selecting raw materials, repeat trials and evaluation of prototypes, and incorporate it into the product specifications.
After that, while coordinating with other departments, we incorporate the specifications into the instruction, so that the product can be completed according to them.
Finally, we transfer the instructions to the manufacturing department.
In other words, our job of the engineering department is to commercialize products while being involved in all processes.

―――How can a cosmetic product be produced?

In the case of new product development, first of all, we get a feedback "I want something like this" from a customer, and the person in charge hears and summarizes it.
From here, our job begins.
Then, we embody ideas such as what kind of texture (feeling of use) is good, whether or not to add a scent, and whether it is similar to other companies' products.

Once the direction is determined, we actually combine the raw materials and start a trial production.
In the case of our existing product, we improve and renew the product in response to customer's feedback such as "it should be a little more like this".

Some raw materials do not go well with each other and it is not easy because of some situations. For example, you want to make it creamy but it becomes watery, or it does not work well because of slight differences in quantity, temperature, or strength of agitation.

Stability tests are performed on the assembled formulation at various temperatures, and if passed, the final formulation is determined.

―――You must be very happy when the product you were in charge is on the market.

Of course.
It's been about one and half year since I got hired at Manavis, but I was assigned for a project of new product for the first time.
Some external monitors tried it and I heard that it had a good reputation. I was very delighted and said, "I did it! It was worth the effort."
In order to make the product as good as possible, I went to drug stores and cosmetic sections in some department stores, and bought similar products. I tried using them earnestly, and tried to make something close to my image while examining the ingredients.

―――To make at the factory, what kind of process is there after the formulation is determined?

Once formation is determined, we make a prototype with the actual machine for production.

Even succeeded in the lab, it sometimes does not work well when scaled up.
So, we work with the manufacturing department to determine the actual production conditions.

We also determine product standards with the quality assurance department.

Therefore, communication is also important for this job.
Researchers tend to focused on one thing and cannot see their surroundings.
They could be stubborn and I used to be like that.
However, we have people who have experienced in various fields, and we have the great environment where we can get advices when we are in trouble or when we cannot figure out by ourselves.
In many cases, it is better to involve more and more people.
Everyone at the engineering department, including the general manager, is frank and easy to talk to, so people around me always help me.

―――You have such great supervisors and co-workers.What kind of person do you think is suitable for the engineering department?

I think those who are good at communicating with other departments and those who are independent and proactive are suitable for this workplace.
have independence. You can propose formulation voluntarily, so you can get experiences steadily.

―――You look like you are having fun. What is the good thing about working at Manavis?

Before joining Manavis, I experienced both research and planning, but I had to work overtime almost every day when busy.
I hardly work overtime now at Manavis. I think I have a good balance between work and private.
I enjoy to cook at home and I like visiting cafes after work.
I am definitely satisfied with my private life too.

When you hear a word "researcher", it gives you an image like they work quietly by themselves.
However, it seems that a virtuous cycle was created by getting involved with more and more people in the engineering department of Manavis and working as a team.
Even inexperienced people will be warmly welcomed.